Hollywood Special Show – The Dark Knight Rises

Hollywood Special Show – The Dark Knight Rises

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Hollywood movie buffs are expecting the release of The Dark Knight Rises. This is the Christopher Nolan’s third of the Batman series, which will hit the screens in July this year. Christian Bale plays the Batman in this film which based on the story by David S. Goyer. Director Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan Nolan have penned the screenplay.

The earlier two films of the same series – The Batman Begins and The Dark Knight – both produced by Warner Bros have turned out to be a huge hit at the box office. Apart from this, Christopher Nolan’s Inception and Memento have also done very good business at the box office raking in huge profits. All this has upped the expectation levels for The Dark Knight Rises. Interestingly, out of the seven films that Nolan had directed, four films have found place in the top 100 movies by the IMDB (The Internet Movie Database). Several directors are therefore looking forward for this film’s release while fans are eager because Nolan had announced that it will be the last of the Batman series.

Since most of the films are now in the 3D format, some scenes in The Dark Knight Rises have been shot using the IMAX technology. On why this film is not made in 3D format, Nolan has a very reasonable explanation. He says that it was doubtful if the film could be made in the way he wanted to if the 3D technology is used. Further, some scenes were shot in 3D but the end result was not satisfactory and hence the idea was discarded.

So, what is the story of this film which is due to release with such a huge build up? Bruce Wayne, who lives in the Gotham City, loses his parents at a very young age. He turns a Batman to avenge the death of his parents and to save the people of the Gotham City. In order to keep his identity a secret, he runs the Wayne Enterprises during the day and turns into Batman in the nights to save the people. Alfred is his trusted butler and confidante, Lucius Fox is his assistant running the Wayne Enterprises and James Gordon is the Commissioner of Police helping the Batman.

This sequel is set eight years away from its prequel – The Dark Knight. It is worth mentioning here that director Nolan has said that the popular villain character Joker is not included in this film. So, who is the new baddie? Nolan has a surprise for the audiences here! This time, the director has two villains raring to demolish the Gotham City. The Dark Knight Returns is about how the Batman strives to defeat these villains with his intelligence, armoury and technical expertise.

The Dark Knight Rises is going to be a treat for children and all movie buffs who like Superhero films.

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