Krishnaveni Panchalai

It is a good effort that needs to be congratulated

Reviews 19-Jun-2012 5:12 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The story of Krishnaveni Panchalai revolved around a cotton mill, its owner and the mill workers. The story begins in 1980s and ends in 2007. The hero and heroine work in Krishnaveni Panchalai. As they belong to different communities, the heroine hesitates to accept the love professed by the hero.

The heroine’s sister also marries someone from a different caste and when she is pregnant, she is invited back home by her parents. Unfortunately, the sister dies the same night of her visit and her husband also commits suicide unable to bear the loss.

In the meantime, the cotton mill is closed following a disagreement between the management and the workers over the bonus.

Did the heroine succeed in her love? What was the reason behind her sister’s sudden death? What happened to the cotton mill workers? You’ll find answers to all these questions in Krishnaveni Panchalai.

Decent love, good songs and heroine’s spontaneous acting.

Looks like a drama, supporting actors over-act and there is a difficulty understanding if it is a labourers’ story or love story.

In total:
So far, the Tamil cinema has not touched upon the lives of the cotton mill workers. It is a good effort that needs to be congratulated.

Did you know? Mr Ponraj, who has played the role of a negotiator between the cotton mill owner and the workers, is a scientist. He is the former President of India Abdul Kalam’s secretary as well.

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