Agila Ulaga Superstar

Agila Ulaga Superstar

Features 11-Jun-2012 12:49 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Known as the “Agila Ulaga Superstar” Mirchi Shiva spoke to us without any inhibitions and build-up. The actor was his usual self, full of gimmicks and jokes oozing out of him.

Sharing the screen space with two leading ladies – Anjali and Oviya – in Kalakalapu must have been a different experience for Shiva. When asked about this, the actor said that he was shocked to find Anjali and Oviya overtly glamorous having seen them in homely roles before. Shiva wanted to know why the actresses need to be glamorous when the script does not demand it and he says that director Sundar C explained that it was the ‘working point’. Well, that certainly seems to have paid off with the glamour quotient being the talk of the town, says Shiva.

On why he is seen only in comedy films, Shiva said that he acted in Pathinaaru even before Chennai 28 but the film did not do well despite getting good reviews. This made him take stock of his career and decide on turning towards comedy because it came naturally. Shiva adds that all his future ventures as actor and director will have serious issues told very hilariously.

So he does have an inclination to direct! When asked about this, Shiva said that he is adept in script writing. In fact he had penned scripts for several stage dramas and this earned him the job in Radio Mirchi. Therefore, direction is very much on cards, he tells.

On his future projects, Shiva said that he had completed Siva Poojaiyil Karadi last year but the film is yet to see the light of the day owing to some problems. He had opted out of Rendavathu Padam due to some issues with the team. Other than that a lot of scripts are in the pipe line and the actor says he is taking his time to select. Shiva adds that his family wants him to sport a six-pack and he would do so if a director wants him to have one for one of his future projects.

Ask him about marriage and Shiva immediately says that he likes to be happy at least for the time being! The actor, however, was quick enough to add that it will be a love marriage but the lady in question is still lurking out there somewhere wanting to be discovered. He added that once the ‘connection’ is made he would inform one and all.

Shiva does have a lot of fans and we wanted to know how he is called among the fans and the actor says that if he had been of Ajith’s stature fans would have called him ‘Thala’ and he would’ve been happy. “But soon after Chennai 28 released people called me Chennai 28, Chennai 58, Chennai 1000 etc.,” he rues. And when Saroja hit the screens, Shiva says he was called Dei Saroja but the highlight was when Quarter Cutting was released he was addressed with the film’s title, which was just too much to handle, jokes, Shiva.

With the same zest, the actor gets ready to handle the mike for the Siva Sivaa show on Radio Mirchi while we march out!

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