Namitha Surprises Newlyweds

Namitha Surprises Newlyweds

News 2-Jun-2012 10:45 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Namitha surprised a newlywed couple by making it to their wedding and offering them a cash gift. The actress was on her way to Karur to open an Emu Farm when she stopped suddenly enroute on seeing a wedding happening at a roadside temple.

Namitha asked her driver to stop the car and walked towards the wedding party much to their awe and wished the young couple. She also posed for photographs before offering them a cash gift. The bride and the groom’s family looked completely awestruck with the sudden turn of events and thanked the actress profusely for her kind gesture.

The lady’s gesture was the talk of the hamlet and will be so for the days to come!

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