Pandiraj's Police Complaint

Pandiraj's Police Complaint

News 26-May-2012 11:34 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Director Pandiraj was at the Police Commissioner’s Office in Chennai yesterday along with his advocates to file a complaint against Balamurugan. On meeting the Additional Commissioner Abhay Kumar Singh, Pandiraj said that he has lodged a complaint seeking action against Balamurugan for making false allegations on him.

Balamurugan had complained earlier that he had financed 50 lakhs for the making of Marina but the director-producer of the film did not return the amount. Countering this allegation, Pandiraj said that Balamurugan lent him 9 lakhs for the making of the film and not 50 lakhs as alleged. He added that matter is pending in court and Balamurugan’s police complaint is intended to tarnish his image.

Therefore, Pandiraj has sought legal action against Balamurugan for defaming him.

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