Delhi Belly – the Crux to Remain the Same

Delhi Belly – the Crux to Remain the Same

News 12-May-2012 10:50 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

UTV’s Dhananjayan has said that the crux of Delhi Belly will be retained in the remake, tentatively titled Settai. But the dialogues and format will be changed to suit the audiences here, he added. According to Dhananjayan, jokes that are inherent to the core plot will be retained but the audiences will realize that there is a considerable difference between the original and the remake.

Director John Mahendran is in-charge of the script and dialogues and Santhanam has done some value addition to make it a laugh riot. Settai will have a preface, the crux of Delhi Belly and an ending.

The film stars Arya in the role done by Imran Khan, Santhanam, Premji Aamren, Hansika, Anjali, Nasser and others. Director R Kannan is wielding the megaphone for this venture.

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