Go watch it for entertainment….

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Don’t expect a load of substantial stories from Sundar C, but a bag full of entertainment. Obviously, it’s a well known mantra about Sundar C as his films have proved to be a good entertainer, irrespective of the tenuous storylines. Kalakalappu is not an exception as it carries the same package of Sundar C. The film has a wafer-thin storyline, but assures of providing you with an entertainment from beginning till end. But you’ll have to make sure of not raising questions on loopholes, care-a-lot about illogical quotients.

The film revolves around two brothers – Seenu (Vimal) and Raghu (Shiva), who strive to regain the lost fame of their prestigious hotel Masala Café in Kumbakonam. Raghu, who arrives from Chennai on conditional bail due to some fraudulent acts arrives to help his brother Seenu and apparently falls in love with his adopted sister Maaya (Oviya). And for Seenu, it’s a beautiful health inspector Madhavi (Anjali). These characters are in the mission of working things better for Masala Café. But on the parallel track, it’s a conniving jeweler, who sends forth a bunch of diamonds through his nephew, which in turn goes into changing hands, finally with these Masala café brothers.

The drama is filled with lots of fun, enjoyment and entertainment.

There is nothing really exceptional to analyze this movie and it’s purely entertaining from beginning till end. Don’t go inquisitive about the logical factors and it’s gonna be an amusing time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Vimal takes on the role of an innocuous protagonist, who with all his mighty efforts tries to restore the lost fame of his ancestral Masala Café. The first 30mins of the film is completely dedicated to Vimal, while the humorous spell starts popping up to the extremum with the introduction of Shiva, who with his first scene tickles your funny bones. Then comes Santhanam, the man to walk away with praises during second half. His villainous acts in a humorous way is a real treat to the audiences. Anjali and Oviya have nothing much to perform, except appearing in glamorous costumes for the songs.

Almost all the characters in the film from Ilavarasu-to-John Vijay make sure that their parts are played very well.

Technically, the film lacks perfection and it’s a part of Sundar C movies, where he merely focuses into the narrative structure and not much with the musical attribute and cinematography.

On the whole, Kalakalappu serves to be a fun-filled experience for the audiences. Especially for this summer season with more time to spend with your family, it’s a best way to enjoy your days.

What works: Humorous elements, Shiva, Santhanam

What doesn’t work: Lengthy screenplay, music, cinematography,

Verdict: Go watch it for entertainment….

Review by Richard Mahesh

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