Pandiraj to File Defamation Suit

Pandiraj to File Defamation Suit

News 28-Apr-2012 4:45 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Balamurugan of Valasaravakkam met the police commissioner to lodge a complaint against director-producer Pandiraj. In his complaint, Balamurugan alleged that he had produced Marina and spent 50 lakhs for producing the film but Pandiraj has made out that he is the producer of the film.

He also alleged that Pandiraj promised to repay the amount along with a percentage of the profit but only paid 15 lakhs till now. Balamurugan sought police action to retrieve the remaining sum.

Reacting to this complaint, Pandiraj said that Balamurugan had loaned him 15 lakhs and he paid back 12.5 lakhs of it to Balamurugan through the court and will be paying a like sum in a few more days through the court. “The complaint filed by Balamurugan has tarnished my image and I will be filing a defamation suit seeking damages from him,” said Pandiraj.

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