20, 000ft, Minus 10 Degree Climax for Billa-2

20, 000ft, Minus 10 Degree Climax for Billa-2

News 23-Apr-2012 2:16 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The entire town is spangled with fever and it’s all about Billa-2. Thala fans are very much invigorated over the film’s release that is scheduled to hit screens somewhere in May. While the preparations are going on to launch the audio on May 1 for the occasion of Ajith Kumar’s birthday, the trailers have already taken the global fans for a greater excitement.

The interesting news about the film arrives through the inside reports. The film’s climax is shot in the helicopter where a blood-curdling combat takes place between Ajith Kumar and villain Vidyut Jamwal. Since Ajith Kumar was very much cautious that having a dupe would create resentment from his fans, he had opted to go for it.

At a height of 20, 000ft with a minus 10 degree ambience, the stunning climax was shot, which is reported to be one of the greatest highlights of the film.

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