Just Math Mathalli Comes to Kollywood

Just Math Mathalli Comes to Kollywood

News 11-Apr-2012 10:31 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

‘Just Math Mathalli’ is Kannada film, which featured Sudeep, Ramya and Rajesh. It is a romantic film, which got released in the year 2010. It was produced by Shanker Gowda and directed by Sudeep himself.

The latest is that, ‘Just Math Mathalli’ comes to Kollywood. It is dubbed and released in Tamil. Sudeep is very happy about this. On speaking about this development, he said, “‘Just Math Mathalli’ is getting released in Tamil also. It is a breezy romantic story, which faired well in Kannada”.

Sudeep added, “I would be even happier, if the movie is dubbed and released in all the other south Indian languages. I am anxious to know the different reactions from various people of different languages”.

On the other hand, Sudeep is excited as his bilingual movie ‘Naan Ee’ is getting ready for its release in Tamil too.

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