Hansika Motwani's Noble Deed

Hansika Motwani's Noble Deed

News 9-Apr-2012 11:19 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Hansika Motwani has been involving herself in many noble causes in different situations. Earlier, she adopted some 20 street kids in Mumbai, on her birthday. Later, she made arrangements for an old age home, by coming forward to sell the paintings done by her.

Hansika Motwani is again involving herself in a noble deed. She is busy in some shootings of her Telugu films in Hyderabad. She has taken a day’s break from her shooting schedules and flying to Chennai.

Hansika Motwani would be in Chennai to meet the differently-abled children. These children are heading to Tirupathi for a special Darshan.

According to the information from the sources, it is said – “An NGO has done the arrangements for a pilgrimage trip to Tirupathi. Hansika comes to Chennai and stays until the children board their train. Hansika with the co-ordination of the NGO makes sure that, those children get fresh food and drinks and those children have a comfortable journey.”

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