Suriya Replaces Arnold Schwarzenegger

Suriya Replaces Arnold Schwarzenegger

News 3-Apr-2012 12:39 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Wondering what is all about? Yeah! Our very own Suriya has replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well, as everyone knows, Arnold is the most insatiable passion for the youngsters working for a healthy body. You would never miss Arnold’s posters in every fitness centre. Obviously, everyone wants to be Arnold and now a sudden change has happened over the space.

During the recent event, a leading filmmaker has openly mentioned that on his visit to Madurai, he found this change. One of the leading gyms in temple town had Arnold Schwarzenegger poster and has now replaced it with Suriya’s 6-pack picture.

It is patently because of the fact that actor has become a role model for leading a disciplined structure to maintain a strong and healthy body.

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