Role-Reversal in Nandha Nandhitha

Role-Reversal in Nandha Nandhitha

News 15-Mar-2012 10:25 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

There are many unique characterizations in the films industry. In some situations, actors act as both and hero and villain, in various versions of the very same film.

There are few other examples, in which the Actor who acted as Hero in one version of the film, has acted as the Villain in another version of the movie. For example, Vikram in the case of ‘Raavanan’.

This is the first time, when the Actor Hemachandran has got the unique recognition of playing the role of Hero in the Tamil version and the role of Brother in the Telugu version. He has done this unique thing in the movie ‘Nandha Nandhita’ against the same Heroine Meghana Raj, which releases in Tamil and Telugu versions in the same name.

On speaking about this unique thing, the Director of the movie Ramsiva said that, “We were filming the movie in its Tamil and Telugu version simultaneously.

In Telugu version, there were compulsions of casting a known face, so we chose Surya Pratap as Hero. We did not have too much time to search someone for the role of Meghana’s Brother. Hence, we thought of casting Hemachandran in that Brother’s role.

In Tamil version, there was no obligation to cast known face, so we cast Hemachandran as the Hero in Tamil. Hence, he got the chance to perform this unique record.

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