Ramya Nambeesan Becomes a Road Singer?

Ramya Nambeesan Becomes a Road Singer?

News 14-Mar-2012 11:48 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Ramya Nambeesan has been a leading Actress in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu film industries. Her last release in Tamil was ‘Kullanari Koottam’.

Ramya Nambeesan recently became a Playback Singer for her Malayalam movie ‘Ivan Megharoopan’. She did a unique thing for this film. She began singing her new folk song ‘Aande Londe’ on the streets in Kochi. Ramya was singing like this as part of the promotional video of this song.

The Actor and Producer of this movie, Prakash Bare said that, “V.K .Prakash has picturized this video, who comes up with bizarre and creative ideas. We wanted to catch the response of the crowd, so, we decided to do this sequence live”.

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