Bharathiraja Employs Bodyguard for Karthika Nair

Bharathiraja Employs Bodyguard for Karthika Nair

News 14-Mar-2012 11:37 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Karthika Nair made her debut through the Telugu film ‘Josh’. Then entered Kollywood through the movie ‘Ko’. She stepped into Mollywood too in the film ‘Makaramanju’.

Now, Karthika is acting in the films namely ‘Dammu’ in Telugu, ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’ in Tamil and an untitled movie in Malayalam.

‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranam’ is directed by Director Bharathiraja. Coincidentally, Bharathiraja is the same Director who introduced Karthika’s Mother Radha in the film industry.

The recent news is that, Bharathiraja has employed a Bodyguard for Karthika. The reason behind employing the Bodyguard for Karthika, he is there to take care of her throughout the filming of the movie.

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