Innovations Keep on Springing Up in Kollywood

Innovations Keep on Springing Up in Kollywood

News 6-Mar-2012 11:20 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Kollywood is very much known for its immense talents, Technicians, new innovations and its Artists. Now, they seem to making their mark by their innovative ideas, even in the promotion their movies too.

In the recent past, Directors conducting workshops for their Actors to rehearse their roles in the films has been steadily increasing. Shanmugarajan, an associate of Cheran, is trying a very different format of filmmaking. He is making his debut through the movie ‘Aayiram Muthangaludan Thenmozhi’.

In order to make an unique mark, the Debutant Director Shanmugarajan has moved a step ahead. In addition to the follow-up of conducting a workshop, he shot the entire film first as a trail run, edited the footage and then, reshot the edited version.

Regarding this innovative style of film making, Shanmugarajan says that, “I have used what is globally known as single shot filmmaking – shooting every scene in the film in one single shot. There are 62 scenes in the film and each one was shot in a single shot.”

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