Selvaraghavan – the Man of Great Leaps

The young versatile filmmaker celebrates his birthday and his marking of feat in showbiz is tremendous.

News 5-Mar-2012 11:21 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

While the major group of filmmakers confine themselves to a particular genre of filmmaking, few set themselves for a flight into indefinite territories. Selvaraghavan would be an apt personality to bring in for illustration. The director has been attempting with different genres from his every film. His films might not be a thriller, but guess what, you wouldn’t know what would happen next and his thoughts would be literally different and brilliant.

He has made the best psychological thrillers, romantic melodramas, gangster drama, comedy entertainer, and fantasy-thriller and so on.

The director’s upcoming films would definitely be based on different themes and one can assure themselves for an unusual treat from the director.

Happy Birthday Selvaraghavan!!!

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