Good attempt by entire team

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Winning critical acclaims for his movies Veyil and Angaadi Theru, director Vasantha Balan has been smug-bitten by making some exceptional movies. Obviously Aravaan becomes an illustration and we bring you the exclusive review of this film.

This movie ‘Aravaan’ starts with the portrayal of the story of few thieves living in some villages, which are near to each other. The main occupation of those Villagers is to loot. At the same time, there are few villages, which lead their livelihood by serving to protect the people.

Initially, they start the story, by showing the manner, in which Kombodhi (Pasupathy) and his group of fellow thieves do looting in the nearby villages. He lives in the village named Vembur, with his Villagers. They are able to do these looting efficiently, by the spying done by Chimitti (Archana Kavi). She performs these spying tasks by roaming around the villages nearby by projecting herself as a Fortune-teller.

Just by doing these kinds of looting, the Vembur Villagers lead considerably happy life. In an unexpected timing, they face the heat from the Royal Palace. The guards from the Royal Palace accuse the Vembur residents of looting of Jewels from the Royal Palace.

To know the Truth, Kombodhi sets on to find the culprit. Then, he finds that, Varipuli (Aadhi) is the person, who has lied that, he is a Vembur resident and has done some lootings. The looting in the Royal Palace is also is one of those lootings.

Initially, Varipuli and Kombodhi have some confusion between each other. Then Kombodhi develops close relationship with Varipuli. As days pass by, Varipuli also teams up with the Looters from the Vembur village, and they do lootings together.

As and when, Kombodhi and Varipuli try to enter and loot in the Fort City, Kombodhi gets caught there. Varipuli comes forward and helps him. Only then, Kombodhi gets to know about the secrets of Varipuli’s past life.

Kombodhi gets to know that–Varipuli is known as Chinna also. Vembur is maternal native. He wanted to settle down in his Vembur. Chinna is also a married guy, he has a child and so on. After knowing about the life of Chinna, Kombodhi craves to save him.

Many other things are shown in between. In between and before the happenings in Vembur, Chimitti falls in Love with Varipuli.

What unfolds next is a series of events that answers to several unanswered questions.

Aadhi is already a tall guy and a good Actor. Indeed he looks handsome with styled mustache, in the flashback part of the film. The emotional expressions, stunt scenes, his bearded looks and many other things look very nice.

Dhansika comes in the role of the Lover and Wife of Aadhi. Her role is of moderate importance only. Her performances too as a village Belle in Love over Aadhi is nice.

Archana Kavi as a bold village girl lives up to the satisfactory levels. Her acts of spying by projecting herself as a Fortune-teller are entertaining to watch.

Pasupathy. He has given a top class performance. The initial looting scenes, his scenes with Aadhi and in the climax scenes, his performances are far beyond excellence.

Apart from them, all the other performers like Kabir Bedi, Karikaalan, Bharath and all the remaining unmentionable artists also have done their best possible work.

Karthik has scored the Music and Background score. Considering that, this is his debut project, he has done a fine job. The songs “Oruvaan Irruvaan…” and “Nila Nila Poguthae…” attracts very much.

J.Krishna Moorthy & Vijaya Murugan have done appreciable job in their department of Art Direction.

Cinematography is done by Siddharth, in a slightly different manner. The movements of the humans while they go for looting, high raise shots covering the mountains and the aerial shots are praiseworthy. Editing by Praveen.K.L and N.B.Srikanth is ok. It could have been little better, to help in reducing the length of the movie.

To conclude, Director Vasanthabalan seems to have missed the plots in the aspects like, in-appropriate Dialogues in certain places by certain characters. Too much of detailing could have been avoided. The flip-flops of the flashback scenes and the present life of characters could confuse certain section of audiences.

Apart from some minor/negligible faux pas, Vasanthabalan has presented a top class product to the Tamil Cinema audiences. He has done extensive research for this film. Above all, this film ‘Aravaan’ is a rare creation in Kollywood. Not many films are made, which are based on novels.

As Tamil audiences are not used to films, which are based on Novels, few people miss out to understand the difficulties and the value of making such types of films. Overall, this is a movie, which should not be missed on any excuse. This is sure to thrill the audiences who appreciate variable movies, and who love to see movies based on Tamil and culture of the Tamilians. ‘Aravaan’ would surely attract audiences from all ages. One specialty of ‘Aravaan’ is, it would surely take you back to few centuries back, as and while we watch it. That is the biggest victory.

What works: Casting, good performances, art direction

What doesn’t work: Too much detailed coverage of lifestyle, Vasantha Balan’s only motive to make award winning movie…

Verdict: Good attempt by entire team

Production: T.Siva

Direction: Vasanthabalan

Star-casts: Aadhi, Pasupathy, Dhansika, Archana Kavi, Karikaalan, Singampuli, Bharath, Anjali, Shweta Menon, Sruthi Prakash and others.

Music: Karthik

Review by Richard Mahesh

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