Woody Allen – It's the Legend Again in Oscars

The most versatile writer-director of all times wins Best Original Screenplay for Midnight in Paris at 84th Annual Academy Awards.

News 27-Feb-2012 10:38 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

His movies are something far beyond the usual limits. His playwright style of screenplay, sketch of characters laced with humour and emotions with visual treat of locales always gives an immense pleasure to the viewers.

Listing his number of classical hits as an actor, director, screenwriter, musician and his evergreen playwrights is gonna take hundreds and thousands of words. The 76-yr old legend has won Best Original Screenplay for his romantic comedy ‘Midnight in Paris’ that revolves around Hollywood’s topmost screenwriter (played by famous Owen Wilson) walking through the streets of Paris meeting the writers of all times.

Woody Allen had already won couple of awards – Golden Globe and Writers Guild of America award for the same film.

The first 3 minutes of the film that takes us through the journey across Paris with rainy and paradisiacal backdrops.

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