Ananya Is Stubborn in Marrying Anjaneyan

Ananya Is Stubborn in Marrying Anjaneyan

News 24-Feb-2012 10:41 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Actress Ananya is very stubborn in marrying Anjaneyan who has already been married. She says that she is aware that he is already married but she will marry him. Actress Ananya apart from acting in Malayalam films has also acted in Tamil films such as Nadodigal, Seedan and Engeyum Eppodhum. Recently she was engaged to a businessman Anjaneyan who hails from Kerala. This betrothal function took place with the approval of the parents.

At this juncture Ananya’s father had preferred a complaint to the police stating that Anjaneyan is already a married person and has concealed this matter. Because of this there is problem in this marriage but Anjaneyan has stated that Ananya is aware of the marriage and only she has concealed this matter to her father. Moreover there was news earlier that Ananya was interested in marrying Anjaneyan and her parents were against the marriage.

At this stage, Ananya is firm in marrying Anjaneyan. Ananya while speaking about this said, “There are unnecessary rumours about my marriage. I am not bothered or worried about it. These rumours will only strengthen our relationship. I am very firm in marrying Anjaneyan. The marriage will take place soon.”

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