The Woman in Black

Watch out for eerie feeling

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The Woman in Black has been carrying heavy expectations for various reasons. Released in western and overseas countries on February 3, the film takes its reach to Indian Theatres today as a grand fare. To shoot up the first factor of attraction, it’s the Harry Potter star (Daniel Radcliffe), who becomes the first and foremost reason to draw more audiences. In fact, it’s his first film to be done independently after Harry Potter series.

Directed by James Watkins, the film is about a young lawyer travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals.

The film is based on Susan Hill’s 1983 novel with the same title, which features Daniel Radcliffe as a widowed lawyer Arthur. His life doesn’t have many surprises until he reaches a small village, where he is assigned to collect the papers of house property of a client, who had recently breathed his last. But when he is right at a smaller distance from that house, the villagers advise him not to enter the place. However, not heeding to their advice, he enters the house only to find a woman in black.

Hollywood has always churned out the best spine-chilling horror flicks that range from Exorcist to the classic remakes of Japanese movies – The Ring, Grudge and many more flicks. Not to miss the most commendable movies Orphan, Orphanage and more movies that left us speechless in many more off that sort.

Getting on with the analysis of this film, the film enthrals us during many portions. Though some of the portions are little clichés, the scary moments freezes us to the core. Daniel Radcliffe, the guy’s crucial movie as it arrives after his magnum opus Harry Potter series. Maybe, he doesn’t suit the role to core, but does his job perfectly. Of course, how do you imagine a 22-yr old actor as a widower and he has a son as well.

Need an ample evidence – Go watch one shot of rocking chair that sends you crazy and the entire theatre would let itself for an unceasing howl.

The others in the cast Ciaran Hinds and Janet Mc Teer add more intensity to the script with their characterizations. They play the role of only couple in village, who welcome Arthur irrespective of the problem he is bringing.

Verdict: Watch out for eerie feeling

Review by Richard Mahesh

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