Marina Inspired From Iranian Movie?

It looks like Pandiraj’s Marina is loosely based on Iranian movie Davandeh directed by Amir Naderi.

News 6-Feb-2012 11:53 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Well, ‘Remake’ cannot be the right term here. It might be the case of similarity or a sort of inspiration and it’s a close call. It looks like Pandiraj is a great admirer of Iranian movie industry that boasts of more films based on the genre of ‘Children’. Pasanga was one such illustration and his recent release Marina is seemingly inspired from 1985 Iranian movie Davandeh directed by Amir Naderi.

The film is about the travails and problems of a young boy roaming across the seashores and harbors. He wants to pursue his school education, but is unable to do it. The movie journeys through the lives of such homeless children and their dreams.

Inspirations aren’t a constraint. When a theme is applicable to any context or ambience, one can go ahead attracting the universal audiences.

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