A Touching Film with realistic approach. Hats off to Pandiraj…

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Walk through the shores of Marina, you’ll find hundreds and thousands of faces, each one with its own story to tell. But we don’t intend to get in depth while Pandiraj walks into this territory and of course excels with his idea. Nothing can be better than these lines to reveal the storyline of Marina from the maker of Pasanga, an acclaimed movie with best value of entertainment and a good message.

Ambikapathy, a little boy arrives Chennai in a funeral van, walks across the busiest lanes of Chennai and finally finds his solace on the shores of Marina with its shores drenched with Bengal waves kissed with Sun. Though the ambience doesn’t favor him at first, he soon becomes acquainted with other kids and few persons over there. On a parallel track, we find Senthilnathan (Shiva Karthikeyan), a happy-go-lucky chap looking after his business with his friend. His aspiring motto in life is to have a girlfriend to accompany him at the beach much alike other lovers.

The story traverses through the lives of these estranged children, their past filled with melancholy and despondency and director’s view of thought on offering them a solution.

Director Pandiraj follows the western movies style of narration as he doesn’t involve the formula of first and second half. The dramatic proceeding gives a feeling of watching docu-drama in few places, but the hilarious quotients trivializes these factors, thanks to Shiva Karthikeyan and Pandiraj’s humor attributes delivered through dialogues as in Pasanga.

It should have been a travailing phase for Pandiraj for the casting of actors and his ability to let them into the skin of characterizations deserves tons of appreciations. Not to miss the characterization of old man and postmaster in whom the children find solace at times. The humorous encounters between Shiva Karthikeyan and Oviya leave you in splits. His real life sense of humour has helped him etch this characterization with an ease.

Post-intermission, we tend to have a feel the film is too preachy, but again Pandiraj realizes the need to change the course and takes it accordingly.

On the end note, it’s a happy moment for Chennaites for the director assures that this City is a Homeland for anyone, who comes here seeking refuge.

Musical score by newcomer Girish is pretty appreciable and his background score adds more intensity to the emotional depth. Cinematography needs special mention for giving a fresh look of Marina and its ambience.

On the whole, Marina is feel-good movie with more elements of entertainment and message about those children we find them selling food items across the shores. Doubtlessly, your perception about them after watching this film will be completely different as it was with Angaadi Theru that threw lights upon the pathetic lives of salespersons in textile shops of Chennai. The film will surely bring more honors for Pandiraj and the film deserves it.

What works: Message, Entertainment, Casting, Good performances of actors

What doesn’t work: Docu-drama effects in few places

Verdict: A Touching Film with realistic approach. Hats off to Pandiraj…

Review by Richard Mahesh

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