A R Murugadoss Chooses Ganesh Venkatraman

With Thuppaki coming to a temporary halt, A R Murugadoss has shot an ad film with Ganesh Venkatraman.

News 3-Feb-2012 11:38 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Usually washing soap brands would opt for a beautiful model as the main character, but A.R. Murugadoss has done something different with an engrossing concept. This one revolves around a father-son relationship of a potter’s son becoming an IAS officer, thereby making his father prouder.

Sharing his working experience with A.R. Murugadoss, Ganesh Venkataraman says, “Yes it was a wonderful experience working with Murugadoss sir. He is extremely down to earth and chilled out. We chatted up on a lot of things during shooting.

He had seen the trailer of my upcoming film Panithuli and he complimented me about it, he liked the action stunts that i have done and keenly asked me how i had performed them. He was surprised to know that I am well versed in martial arts.”

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