Lakshmi's Aarokanam Ready for Commercial and Film Festivals

The actress will now make her debut directorial in Tamil titled Aarokanam.

News 1-Feb-2012 6:33 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Lakshmi Ramakrishna managed to pull string of success within short span of time with her commendable performances in the movies. It all started with her Malayalam movie Chakkaramuthu that was directed by Lohitdas. She debuted in Tamil Film Industry through the film Pirivom Santhipom and later captured everyone’s attention with a mother’s role in Poi Solla Porom.

With in a short period of time, she has acted in 33 films with various shades of characterizations.

She now echoed her directors commands “Ready..Start Camera..Action..Cut” in Aarokanam. Yes, Lakshmi Ramakrishna is directing the movie Aarokanam which is being produced by AVA Production and Monkey Creative Lab. Aarokanam is nearing completion now.

Speaking about her directorial debut LR says, “ We started the movie Aarokanam only for film festivals. But later on it grew like a commercial movie. Now Arokanam can compete in film festivals and in commercial race as well. We are watching many movies, most of them repeat the same old stories. We are doing Arokanam differently and honestly. Tamil audiences never fail to recognize good movies for example Mounaguru.In the same way they will surely accept and celebrate Aarokanam too.

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