Marina Waves From February 3

Pasanga Pandiraj’s Marina will hit screens on February 3.

News 27-Jan-2012 10:16 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The film has captured everyone’s senses for its very title as ‘Marina’ is so close to everyone’s heart in Tamil Nadu. In fact, it’s an iconic status for Tamil Nadu as Marina happens to be the second largest beach in the World following Miami.

Pasanga Pandiraj’s Vamsam didn’t make it so bigger as his maiden debut Pasanga. This time, he comes up with the attempts of making a film with more entertainment values in his own style. Especially, humor played an important role in his films and this one wouldn’t short off this factor. Moreover with the presence of Shiva Karthikeyan, it’s gonna be more hilarious.

The film is scheduled to hit screens on February 3 and the booking plans will be open shortly.

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