Kamal's Film Remake Shifts From Prithvi to Narain

Kamal Haasan’s yesteryear hit movie Kaaki Sattai will be remade in Malayalam with Narain in lead role.

News 23-Jan-2012 12:22 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Certain movies remain evergreen for its captivating theme and even after years they still remain fresh to the senses irrespective of the genres. Kamal Haasan’s Kaaki Sattai had whole lot of movies based on the same theme that includes Vijay’s ‘Pokkiri’.

Malayalam filmmaker Shaji Kailash, who is now remaking Ram Gopal Varma’s Ab Tak Chappan in Tamil with RK in lead role has chosen Kaaki Sattai for the Malayalam remake. The untitled film will have Narain in lead role. Initially, Prithviraj was reported of having bagged the lead character.

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