Priyamani in Grandmaster

Says the sources that Priyamani has a strong and challenging role, but doesn’t romance Mohanlal.

News 20-Jan-2012 11:37 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Last time, when Mohan Lal and director B Unni Krishnan came together, it was a little drama genre of movie titled ‘Madampi’ and this time they’re back, but with a different style. Yup! ‘Grandmaster’ will be a crime-thriller laced with lots of suspense and thrill moments.

Having gained laurels for her best performances in many Malayalam movies that include ‘Thiraikatha’, Priyamani has been signed for the female lead character in this film. She takes on the role of a lawyer and her character has a strong influence over the plot. Initially, Andrea Jeremiah was considered for the same role and Priyamani replaced her as the makers felt that she would suit the role very much.

Since the film is produced by UTV Motion Pictures, there are chances of this film being dubbed in Tamil as the actors are familiar in Tamil as well. The film is scheduled to hit screens for this summer in April.

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