Get Ready Hollywood's Super Treat

Underworld-4 titled as 'Pathala Ulagam-4' 3D has been filmed at 120fps format and is scheduled to hit screens on January 20.

News 9-Jan-2012 3:56 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Hollywood's ostentatious ways of making thrillers have always been admired across the globe. 'Thrillers' are produced from this World's largest film industry is bounded to two sort of its genres - one based on scientific arena while the other one is sci-fi.

Of course, we have seen many movies made based on the latter ones that are precisely about the vampires, Witch personalities and many more. Naturally, 'Underworld' series has been the most fondly watched movie that brings into picture, the combat between the heroes and evil forces.

While the 3rd part of the film made in 3D just swept us over our senses, here comes the next one with yet more technical bonanzas. Yup! Till now, the maximum extent has been filming a movie with the format of 72 frames per second. But for the first time, a movie has been made with 120fps format. Apart from this highlighting factor, the film has been processed with stereophonic technology.

The film is scheduled to screens on January 20 simultaneously in all languages and the Tamil version has been titled as 'Pathala Ulagam-4'.

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