Rajnikanth's One More Biography

Naman Ramachandran’s biography of Superstar Rajnikanth will be released on his birthday dated 12.12.12

News 5-Jan-2012 2:54 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Almost all the famous dates-months-years are gonna end with this one. Yup! Right from 01-01-01, it’s been a special call astrologer, scientists to keep on mentioning about its fact and special things. Finally, it all ends with 12-12-12 and it might occur only after thousand years from now.

To end with, it’s a special occasion as Superstar Rajnikanth will be celebrating his birthday on December 12, 2012.

On this special occasion, a special biography that uncovers the unknown facts about Superstar Rajnikanth will be released. Authored by Naman Ramachandran, the book is released by Penguin Publications.

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