Heavy demand for Mouna Guru

Arulnidhi’s ‘Mouna Guru’ has become a sleeper hit and the demand for more shows is increasing.

News 3-Jan-2012 5:45 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Arulnidhi’s ‘Mouna Guru’ has become a sleeper hit of 2011 and possibly no one would have imagined it would receive great results in box office. Initially, the film had less response when compared to Prashanth’s ‘Mambattiyan’. Apparently, through the word of mouth promotion, the film has taken a big leap drawing more crowds to the theatres.

The demand for the shows has considerably increased and the distributors-theatre owners are so elated that the film is spinning big profits for them.

The film is directed by newcomer Shantha Kumar and is produced by Mohana Pictures.

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