Dhananjayan's Statement on Vettai Release

An official statement from Dhananjayan of UTV Motion Pictures on the release date of Vettai that goes couple of days after release of Shankar’s Nanban.

News 3-Jan-2012 1:10 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Solo release for a festival is impossible to achieve especially when there are 140 films releasing in a year (52 weeks and an average of 3 per week). The industry can take 2 films in a week and that too in a festival holiday period, two films are very much possible to succeed as we have witnessed for Diwali with 7th Sense and Velayudham. For this Pongal, we are happy that both Nanban and Vettai are releasing.

Both belong to different genre. With Nanban releasing on 12th, we are giving a clear 2 days lead to them and then coming on 14th, which is good for the industry as Nanban will corner maximum revenue in the first 2 days and then the market will open for us also on 14th. Then both the films will dominate in the next 4 days.

It is a healthy trend of giving space for both the films, which we are ensuring by not coming on the same day.

Let us hope this Pongal is Nanban & Vettai Pongal and the audience enjoys both the films.

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