Top 10 Songs:

Top 10 Songs:

Features 31-Dec-2011 9:03 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

1. Why This Kolaveri Di? (3) - No description needed for this song for these 4 words followed by an interrogation mark have turned the global attention towards the Tamil film industry. What’s so magical is that the song has just couple of Tamil words ‘Kolaveri’ and ‘Kayula Glassu’ and yet it had the way of attracting the entire world.

2. Ennamo Yedho (Ko) – The song had started its magic from 2010 itself as the song was screened along with the first look teaser. Aalaap Raju is the man behind the success of this song while Harris Jayaraj has done a tremendous job over the composition.

3. Yaathe Yaathe (Aadukalam): Again, the song started laying its impact over the interests of listeners from 2010 right from the day it was launched. It’s G.V. Prakash establishing his realms in both crooning and musical spell. The song can be regarded as one of the among Top 10 of G.V. Prakash’s composition.

4. Kadhal En Kadhal (Mayakkam Enna): Simple lyrics and a commendable work on instrumentals. The picturing and choreography has made it yet more engrossing. It’s yet another feather to Dhanush’s cap. The song easily managed to arrest the senses of not just the guys, but the gals as well.

5. Vilayaadu Mankatha (Mankatha) – Just 4 lines with the teaser was released on Ajith Kumar’s birthday and in overnight, it became the most highly download track and its usage as hello tune. It’s a colossal work by Yuvan Shankar Raja and though the dance steps are so simple, it became a raging hit and Thala Ajith Kumar is the reason behind it.

6. Yamma Yamma (Ezham Arivu) – The song gives a nostalgic feel to the listeners as it is in the style of yesteryear melodies of SPB in collaboration with maestro Ilayaraja. Good work by Harris Jayaraj.

7. Kalasala (Osthe) – Dharani’s ‘Appadi Podu’ turned to be the favorite track for party animals even in non-Tamil speaking territories. As the promotions carried the tag – Answer to Munni, the song has its own style of grabbing everyone’s senses. It has lots of special qualities and what stands above all is the rare combination of Vijaya T Rajendran and L.R. Eswari coming together for the track.

8. Pappa Pappa Pappapa (Vettai) – The making video of the song has made it all happen through its viral publicity over online portals. Moreover, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s super-cool voice and the new found talent Renuka embellish it to a greater magnitude. The song is pictured on Arya and Amala Paul in the backdrops of Rajamundary in Andhra Pradesh.

9. Asku Laska (Nanban): Vijay Prakash and Chinmayee have rendered the song with an excellent intonation. Suvi’s rap lines during interludes and the instrumentals make it more captivating. Well, when Shankar is the filmmaker, he’ll get it done with the visuals in a magical way.

10. Poraney Poraney (Vaagai Sooda Vaa) - It's a heart-melting song composed by newcomer Gibran. The singers Ranjith and Neha Basin come up with tremendous efforts shifting their paradigms. Good work overall and it's so captivating...

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