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Shah Rukh Khan proved that he is worthy of being ennobled as a competitor to Hollywood movies through his magnum opus ‘Ra One’. And now, he gets back to the ‘Don’ image with its sequel directed by Farhan Akhtar. To be precise, it’s Shah Rukh and just Shah Rukh who carries the entire film on his shoulders.

Can this flick be addressed as a ‘Bollywood Mankatha’? Why not? Obviously, the plot happens to be the same though the characters are an extension from its prequel.

The plot is simple. Don is back and this time, he wants to expand his territory in Berlin. He gets himself arrived in Malaysian prison throwing surprise to Interpol department that now includes Roma (Priyanka Chopra). His intention to save his old enemy Vardhan (Boman Hirani) from the prison as he holds the main key to video evidence so as to blackmail bank vice president (Alyy Khan) to get access to a German Bank’s security system. He ropes in the hitman hired to kill him, a beautiful girl Ayesha (Lara Dutta) and a smart hacker (Kunal Kapoor). What unfolds next is a sizzling game of action, thrill, chases across the Berlin zones that will keep you engrossed till the final credits with more twists during last 20mins of the film.

It’s Shah Rukh Khan as mentioned earlier as his charismatic appeal as Don becomes the major attraction. Priyanka Chopra looks more hot and tries to get herself on the Hollywood standard with her English pronunciation and glam-costumes, which doesn’t suit her in many places. Lara Dutta is the absolute show stopper exposing her physique to offer glamorous treat. Boman Hirani is the same old baddie, who has evil intentions and the absolute surprise arrives through Kunal Kapoor.

The film resembles Mankatha in so many places as ‘Heist’ becomes the major plot while the betrayals within the team is yet another factor.

Technically, the stylish visuals from Jason West is jaw-dropping while musical score by Shankar-Ehasaan-Loy is astounding. The punch dialogues by Shah Rukh Khan is over the top that offers a big mass appeal to the fans.

On the whole, ‘Don-2’ is an edge-seated thriller with more twists and turns during the second half with a climax that reads ‘Don-3’ on the number plate of Shah Rukh Khan’s bike.

Verdict: Exclusively for Shah Rukh Khan fans.

Review by Richard Mahesh

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