Silambarasan's New Feat

The actor has crooned an international song based on the love and unity among the nations breaking the barriers of boundaries and language.

News 21-Dec-2011 11:32 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Silambarasan’s multi-faceted avatar has been keeping him on headlines during all the time. Especially, his involvement in musical panoramas has yielded him finest results. His style of lyrics, musical compositions and a brilliant rendition of tracks are his major assets of success.

Now, the young actor has tried something new on his part as a contribution towards world peace and unity. The teaser track has been released online and it has kindled everyone’s expectations now.

Speaking about it, the actor says, “According to few people world is gonna end in 2012. Yes may be it'll end, coz of the drought of love. Split up by the barriers called languages, we fail to conserve love. Thus a step, a scream, a stride in breaking the barriers, a stride uniting 96 languages and millions of people to build a unbreakable bond. For world peace a small contribution from an Indian ... Coming soon - a love anthem for the world.”

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