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When you’ve ‘Remake’ on cards, the comparisons are literally unavoidable and inevitable indeed. And when it’s the original version happen to be the milestone in film industry; the situation becomes yet more intensive. The reason behind expectations mounted on Prashanth’s ‘Mambattiyan’ does have the same reason.

Made nearly couple of decades back, the film had producer-actor-filmmaker Thyagarajan striking a spectacular show down there. Now comes the remake from the same personality with his son Prashanth taking over the role.

Let’s keep the comparisons apart and proceed with the analysis.

To a greatest limit, the remake doesn’t go anywhere far different from the original one and it’s about the hackneyed theme of ‘Robinhood Vs Baddies’. Mambattiyan (Prashanth) is devastated by the death of his family and seeks revenge on a cruel landlord (played by Kotta Srinivasa Rao). Police officer (Prakash Raj) is on the chase and Mambattiyan along with his henchmen keep him on run.

Prashanth has given heart and soul to the role of Mambattiyan. But what’s little not suitable for his role is his cute bubbly face and being ‘Mambattiyan’ means posing with rough gestures, which was indeed pertinent with his dad Thyagarajan. But not to miss the pluses that his emotions, action sequences are on par with excellence. Meera Jasmine looks beautiful, but her looks doesn’t suit the image of what is required for the ambience. Mumaith Khan glorifies glamour and nothing special to appreciate her work. Prakash Raj sleepwalks through the role of police officer and he has already essayed in several films. While the entire film is out on the serious line, Vadivelu’s comedy tracks becomes a sort of special attraction. For sure, his fans have more reasons to watch this movie for they missed their matinee idol for a very long time.

On the technical front, the entire team has done a fabulous job and this very factor makes the remake version to overshadow original one in places. The scenic forest backdrops and beauteous waterfalls with greenish paradise all over the screen is something to marvel upon while Thamman’s background score and songs fall between average and good meter. Couple of songs by Ilayaraja has been used up here with some additional works by Thamman.

On the flip side, the film lacks logic in places and Thyagarajan should have made some changes to the script so as to suit the present age audiences. Even for the previous generation that watched the original version, it may seem like nothing new, but the same one with some changes in respective panoramas.

As on whole, ‘Mambattiyan’ can be watched once and it’s a moderate effort by entire team. But for Prashanth, whose previous films weren’t up to the expected levels, this can help him raising the bar to a little extent in his career graph.

What works: Technical department, Vadivelu

What doesn’t work: Outdated script, lack of logics and casting of actors

Verdict: Average

Review by Richard Mahesh

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