Time for Kolaveri Song

The song ‘Why This Kolaveri Di?’ has been listed in the prestigious Time Magazine.

News 12-Dec-2011 10:34 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

It is a really a historical break through for a song to become so popular and recognition throughout the world. The song is none but Why This Kolaveri Di. Though this song begins with the lines Flop Song it has become a mega hit throughout the world. For Anirudh who is a debutant music composer in Kollywood, this song has taken him to greater heights. This is the most searched song in Youtube. The Youtube has also awarded a gold medal for this song under the most viewed popular category. Apart from this there is a mention about this song Why This Kolaveri Di written and sung by Dhanush in the prestigious Time magazine. Anirudh says that this is a great success to 3 team. When asked him about this Himalayan success, he said, “ I am really very happy. This is the success for our team. A R Rahman is my inspiration. He is a great musician. I have just commenced my musical journey. If I am able to achieve 5% of A R Rahman sir, I will consider myself as a great success.”

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