Music Review: Raja Pattai

Music Review: Raja Pattai

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Raja Pattai is quite a different film for director Susintheeran and actor Vikram for their previous movies were based on exceptional themes. With the attempts of making a commercial movie, the duo comes together and it’s a musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja with Yugabharathi penning lyrics. The album comprises of 5 tracks that includes a reprised version of Podi Paiyan Polave.

1. Podi Paiyan Polave

Voices: Haricharan

Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Yuvan goes for a simple composition for the beats and instrumentals are so simple. It may take some more time for the song to grab our attention. The mixing is done with excellence, but we don’t find an engrossing factor with the lyrics. The song is middling and doesn’t sound like a piece of work from Yuvan Shankar Raja. Haricharan does his job perfectly.

2. Laddu Laddu Rendu

Voices: Vikram, Priyadarshini, Suchitra

Lyrics: Yugabharathi

The music director has tried to rendering the Kuthu song in late 80s style as in his father Maestro Ilayaraja’s style. Well, we can sense it with the bass, brass and the rhythmic accompaniment. In order to offer a transition, he goes for a DJ kind of work during second verse. The song will be a sure treat for the frontbenchers in theatres with Chiyaan Vikram shaking legs with hotties Reema Sen and Shriya Charan.

3. Villathi Villain

Voices: Mano, Malathi

Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Much alike the previous track, Yuvan goes for the retro-style track. It’s evident with the vocalizing pattern, Live Drums, etc, etc. The song should keep the audiences engrossed with the visuals and the scintillating appearance of Vikram in different get-ups.

4. Paniye Panipoove

Vocals: Javed Ali, Renuka

Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Melodious pick with the singers Javed Ali and Renuka adding more intensity to the romantic feel. It’s a situational song and the lyrics are just average. Yuvan keeps shifting between major and minor scales. The string works can be regarded as one of the best works that occurs during the second interlude.

Raja Pattai has a mixture of mediocre and good tracks. Yuvan Shankar Raja has clearly understood the nature of film ‘Commercial Genre’. ‘Laddu Laddu’ and ‘Villathi Villain’ will surely arrests the senses of audiences.

Production: PVP Cinemas

Direction: Susintheeran

Star-casts: Vikram, Deeksha Seth, K Viswanath and others

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Verdict: Could have been better from Yuvan

Review byRichard Mahesh

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