Heavy Downpour on Karunaas

The actor has three projects lined up ahead and will shoot simultaneously.

News 28-Nov-2011 10:32 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Actor Karunaas have donned the lead roles in the films Dindigul Sarathy and Ambasamudram Ambani. Currently he is donning comedian roles in many films. Apart from this he is donning lead roles in three films. Karunaas while speaking about this said, “ I was never adamant that I will don hero roles only. Even after donning hero roles in two films I continued to act in comedy roles. Only the comedy roles which I donned reached me to the people. I decided to don hero roles only if the story was suitable for me. Since now I have got the suitable stories, I have decided to don the hero roles. Now I am donning the lead roles in three films. One film is Ragalaipuram which is being directed by Manohar. Kovai Sarala is donning an important role in this film. I am also acting in another film titled Chanda Mama. Next year it will be an important year in my film career.”

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