New Attractions From Vijay TV

Vijay TV has aired couple of new shows that are based on films and youth debates.

News 23-Nov-2011 12:17 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Vijay TV is swaying over the top with its newfangled creations in terms of both fiction and non-fiction. While ‘Aval’ and ‘Paarijaatham’, the newly launched TV series are bounded with good receptions, we have couple of new programmes titled ‘Vaanga Cinema Pathi Pesalam’ and ‘Perithum Perithu Kael’.

‘Vaanga Cinema Pathi Pesalam’ will have veteran director, screenwriter, actor K. Bhagyaraj hosting the show. Discussions about the newly released films and tete-a-tete with actors and technicians followed by a special segment that will have K. Bhagyaraj answering to the viewers’ questions. Perithinum Perithu Kael is about two rival colleges will be pitted against each other on the show debating on a youth or society centric topics. The debate will be judged by a panel comprising of renowned speakers, poets, social workers and celebrities of various walks of life.

‘Vaanga Cinema Pathi Pesalam’ will be aired on Sundays at 3 p.m. while ‘Perithinum Perithu Kael’ on Saturdays 6 p.m.

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