Dam 999 Has Nothing to Do With Tamil Nadu

Director Sohan Roy makes a statement that ‘Dam 999’ has nothing to do with Tamil Nadu-Kerala Dam issue.

News 23-Nov-2011 11:11 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The multi-lingual movie ‘Dam 999’ is all set to hit screens on this Friday (November 25). Not aware what the film is all about; leaders of few political parties started condemning the project and even protested that the film shouldn’t be released in Tamil Nadu stating that it is about the Mullaiperiyar Dam issue.

On his turn director Sohan Roy has appealed saying, ‘The film is completely a true story about the disaster caused by the DAM in the 1975 at Banqiuo a place in china which killed 2, 50,000 people. DAM999 is film purely based on how this tragic disaster caused by the DAM swallowing many people ‘s lives it has got nothing to do with any Dam’s in India or especially in Tamil Nadu .”

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