Mayakkam Enna – Fever is on

Booking plans for Mayakkam Enna have opened and the crew enjoyed watching the special screening.

News 21-Nov-2011 11:39 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Dhanush cannot resist his spirits peaking to the top of excitements as he is curiously looking out for the D-day. The actor has been openly boasting that Mayakkam Enna is a special film he has worked till the date. ‘The film is so close to my heart and the characterization of Karthik will let every guy reflect shades of very own character’ says Dhanush.

Recently the entire crew had watched the film and they are sure as shooting the stars with it now. Booking plans have already opened and the tickets are getting sold at faster rate in all theatres.

The film is hitting screens this Friday (November 25) and promotion works are on full-fledged action.

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