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Maker of finest showpieces is back now with ‘Viththagan’. Perhaps, lots of scrutinizing efforts were involved into the making as Parthiban incisively wanted to this film to be as special as it marks his Golden Jubilee. The actor’s role as a cop isn’t something new for us. We have already witnessed his outstanding performance in the same role (Ulle Veliye). But Parthiban had clearly mentioned that ‘Viththagan’ wouldn’t be in the same shades, but with difference.

Produced by Seventh Channel Manickam Narayanan, Parthiban gets on penning story, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics apart from wielding megaphone.

To be clear and mark the verdicts in simple words, ‘Viththagan’ doesn’t have a fresh script as we have seen hundreds and thousands of movies based on vengeance. In fact we hear it from the baddie Badri (Milind Soman) saying ‘For the past 20-25 years, you heroes have a flashback.’ But the film doesn’t test your patience as Parthiban manages to keep the momentum going at places. Of course, we cannot decide the kismet of this movie at an ease as it needs this weekend to pass, but if you’re need in of our advice, it’s a passable show that can be opted to kill your time.

Don’t expect too much of the actor-director’s previous records and there are chances to enjoy to the film.

Roudran (Parthiban) has a mission that every cop in films has. – To polish off the baddies and bring paradise down here on earth. He goes through hurdles placed by his senior officers, but works smartly bumping off the baddies in his clandestine mission. As a twist in the tale, reasons behind his mission are revealed and his ultimate plan is to seek revenge on Badri (Milind Soman), the mafia kingpin involved in the criminal activities.

Parthiban always sticks to pragmatic style in his portrayals and other characters in the movie. This one doesn’t become an exception, though we have a ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu’ kind of title song with his son shaking legs. But overall, his performance is good and appreciable and his dialogues stand out as one of the highlighting quotients in the movie. Poorna doesn’t have much to perform, but her delineation is good in places. Milind Soman, the stylish villain makes an impressive show, but his henchmen evoking humour on his side is pretty enjoyable, though it trivializes his character.

Musical score by Joshua Sridhar isn’t up to the mark. The music director gave some commendable songs in the past including ‘Malai Varum’ in Veppam. Background score by Sabesh-Murali needs special mention. Cinematography by MS Prabhu is splendid visual treat and Anthony’s crisp editing, especially the juxtaposition of flashback and few other scenes is a good work.

Though the film has a stereotyped storyline, Parthiban manages to keep us hooked onto the screens with his engrossing screenplay.

Overall, the film deserves a watch for its commercial treatment and for Parthiban fans as well.

What works: Parthiban, Milind Soman, Humour, Screenplay,

What doesn’t work: Music, Predictable in few parts.

Verdict: Can watch it once

Review byRichard Mahesh

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