Problem for Sun Pictures

Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association will no more release the films produced and marketed by Sun Pictures.

News 10-Nov-2011 2:54 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The members of Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association had organized a meeting pertaining to their new decisions. While speaking to the media channels, the executive members mentioned that Sun Pictures hasn’t done deposit refund, which has resulted in huge loss for the theatre owners.

Even after several meetings, the producers in Sun Pictures haven’t shown any positive signs. Apparently, they have now decided not to cooperate with Sun Pictures in future point of time. The films marketed, released and produced by Sun Pictures will no more get released in theatres of Tamil Nadu.

Apart from this issue, the members have made other decisions as well. One amongst them is about requesting Chief Minister J Jayalalitha to look into the maintenance of theatres in Tamil Nadu.

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