Venkat Prabhu - a Man With Simple Formula to Win

Filmmaker Venkat Prabhu celebrates his birthday and after 4 successful films in his record, he still remains the same humble person.

News 7-Nov-2011 11:36 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

When you dream, you achieve. Dreams maybe desired, but very few strive to accomplish with it. Film industry has been a land of such personalities, who have gone through stumbling hurdles, but their dreams kept them going ahead and hit bull’s eyes. Venkat Prabhu had been through such a course and with a stable mind and focus could easily make it happen.

‘Chennai 600028’ designed his identity and it became his overnight ticket to fame and with ‘Saroja’, it was a no turning back for the actor. ‘Goa’ was a perfect holiday trip for the audiences and then an ultimate kick-start was ‘Mankatha’ that has now endowed him with the title of brilliant filmmaker.

Venkat Prabhu far-famed for his humbleness, simplicity and proficiency over the job he does. In spite of being a part of family from the musical backdrop, he opted to take up any kind of shows that include performing music shows at marriage functions even after ‘Chennai 600028’ gained him incredible laurels.

Experience the divinity, spirituality and happiness in the work you do and you have everything you desire. This mantra of Venkat Prabhu makes him the most admirable inspiration for everyone.

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