Kamal Haasan – a Personification Himself

Kamal Haasan – a Personification Himself

News 7-Nov-2011 9:25 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Acting is half shame, half glory. Shame at exhibiting yourself, glory when you can forget yourself. The famous John Gielgud marked his quotations, which is remembers as the golden words for each and every actor. Well, a universal theme reads – I am what I am. But an actor is someone, who completely denies himself, forgets himself and gives birth to a new avatar to every frame. One who accomplishes with this mantra becomes the immortal saint of filmdom and Kamal Haasan is a living saint.

Nothing makes him feel he has crossed the long years in showbiz and he is still the same young vibrant personality breathing into new ideas.

Kamal Haasan – A personification himself and there is nothing such as synonyms to mark his glorious achievements. Bringing in his filmographies and listing his awards. Sorry! It’s gonna be one more ‘Wikipedia’ stuff here. But when it comes to singing praises, which something the actor hates, we run out of words.

‘Experience Heaven here. Don’t wait to kick the bucket and the gates to be opened. Share what you have and you’ll heaven here. And after you die, others must see heaven through you’. This man doesn’t believe in God, but clearly underlines the universal rule of every religion.

When emotions are kindled into audiences’ senses, it’s an inevitable victory for an actor. Irrespective of hits and misses, each and every Kamal Haasan’s films have had something unique that makes us reflect deeply.

Kamal Haasan feels like a newborn baby, ready to unlearn and seek wisdom through the actions.

We love you Kamal!!!!

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