Emotional Sagas of Vijay TV

Vijay TV is now launching couple of new TV series that focalizes more into the emotional depth of feminism.

News 4-Nov-2011 11:24 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Serials and Feminism – the two inseparable terms of small screen will be unceasing. Vijay TV has been quite different from the clichéd shows, but then it manages to choose an unique plot if it touches the same grounds of feminism.

Here comes couple of new TV series that will have a strong characterization for female lead characters, but with an interesting storyline, which is quite different from what a usual storyline would be.

Two new serials titled ‘PARIJATHAM’ & ‘AVAL’ would be launched on November 07, 2011 on Vijay TV and would air every Monday – Friday 6.30 pm & 7.00 pm respectively.

Parijatham revolves around the destiny and struggle between twin sisters who may look similar but their attitude and approach to life is what tells them apart. Arundhati, the elder one is the simple & calm sister while Arthi is ambitious and wants to achieve great things and enjoy the best in life. The serial will be aired from Monday till Friday evening 6.30 and Aval is a story of that highlights the sentiments of a mother-daughter relationship that will be telecasted at 7 p.m.

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