Superstar Rajnikanth Makes It Happen

The versatile actor walked with cheerful gesture and was completely present for the show ‘Bhishma – The Grandsire’

News 2-Nov-2011 4:58 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Superstar Rajnikanth fans might have been disappointed with the ‘Fake’ Rajnikanth in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Ra One’. But now they are happy that their matinee idol is back in form with the same energy. The actor is now constantly attending more events and has resumed his hobby of watching more movies.

It is worth mentioning that actress Manu, who made her debut starring opposite Ajith Kumar in ‘Kadhal Mannan’ happens to be the friend of Superstar. Yes, while the actor was undergoing severe treatment in Singapore, it was Manu who took care of a wonderful hospitality. To extend his gesture of gratitude and thanksgiving, the actor accepted the invitation and made it happen for the production of ‘Bhishma – The Grandsire’, which is a monologue theatre conceived and successfully performed by ‘Avant theatre in Singapore’, to Chennai.

The play portrays the character of Bhishma as he is lying on the bed of arrows and he questions his decisions in the retrospect. It showcased his integrity and commitment to his king even though he is aware of the final outcome.

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