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Remakes have been the order of Jayam Raja’s career as the director’s filmography had never had a direct film. Buzzes rounded upon airs that the film is a rip from yesteryear Telugu movie ‘Aazad’ that starred Nagarjuna, late actress Soundarya and Shilpa Shetty in lead roles. Initially Jayam Raja had rubbished them as baseless rumours, but finally drew the line that he has been inspired merely by the plot. Nothing wrong and of course, it’s true that the similarity between these films ends with the PLOT. Jayam Raja has taken scrutinizing efforts over crafting an engrossing screenplay while writers Subha’s dialogues stands out as an additional attraction for this movie.

Set in backdrops of Afghanistan-Pakistan border, the terrorists invite Home Minister of Tamil Nadu to plan about planting bombs in Tamil Nadu. The terrorist leader (Abhimanyu Singh) targets Chennai as it is one of the fast developing cities of India. The local henchmen of the politician soon start planning up and a journalist (Genelia D Souza) investigates and captures their plans through camcorder, but is unfortunately entrapped by them. While her crew is stabbed to death, she somehow survives the injury. She becomes the witness of the goons’ death through an accident and turns it up in a different way making people believe that it was Velayutham (An imaginative person who doesn’t exist) bumped them off as they were planning to set up bombs. Also she leaves a note that Velayutham would go on hunting down the baddies, who are on the bombing spree.

But everything turns to be a bigger surprise when Velayutham (Vijay) comes to Chennai from his village along with his sister (Saranya Mohan), cousin girl (Hansika Motwani), relatives and close friends. He is here to receive the saving amount of Rs. 15Lakhs in a finance company for his sister’s marriage.

Out of coincidence, Velayutham becomes a major cause for saving hundreds and thousands of innocent lives from the bombs and is thrown into ultimate surprise when Genelia reveals everything and asks him to become the real Velayutham.

Though reluctant first, Velayutham is urged by situations to step into the shoes of Superhero to bash down the baddies.

Vijay doesn’t step out of his usual style as ‘Velayutham’ turns to be an AGMARK Vijay film laced with fun, action, sentiments, romance and emotions. But everything is set at adequate amount and credit goes to Jayam Raja for his screenplay. Especially the first half has unlimited entertainment while first few minutes of post-intermission phase has some dull moments due to more action sequences. However the film gets back into its shape with perfection.

Hansika Motwani’s purpose is here to offer a glamorous treat and she gratifies the audiences while Genelia D Souza has meaty role to perform. Santhanam’s comedy tracks are enjoyable and it’s evident that Jayam Raja has added more intensity with his sense of humour. There are more comedy artists in this film and they emblazon the humor quotients to a greater magnitude.

Abhimanyu Singh as the terrorist does justice to his role while M.S. Bhaskar as Hansika Motwani’s father is good.

Musical score by Vijay Anthony contributes a lot to the film and it goes well with the placement of the songs. Every song is a treat to audiences in a special way. ‘Molachu Moonu’ is a splendiferous melody shot in the scenic backdrops of Dal Lake, Kashmir while ‘Chillax’ is a treat for mass audiences.

‘Velayutham’ as on whole becomes a sure-footed winner in box office as it boasts of all elements required to keep the audiences engaged throughout the film.

What works: Vijay, Screenplay, Music, Entertainment factors, Climax

What doesn’t work: Few lagging portions in second half, Clichéd storyline..

Verdict: Treat for Vijay fans.

Banner: Aascar Films International

Production: Aascar Ravichandran

Direction: Jeyam Raja

Star-casts: Vijay, Hansika Motwani, Genelia D’ Souza, Saranya Mohan, Santhanam, Shayaji Shinde, Abhimanyu Singh and others

Music: Vijay Anthony

Review byRichard Mahesh

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