Velayudham Not Bothered About Ezham Arivu and Ra.One

Director Jeyam Raja is sure-footed that his ‘Velayudham’ will rock even if 10 films like Ra. One and Ezham Arivu are released together.

News 22-Oct-2011 10:29 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

‘All my previous films have been remakes and I will continue remaking in future, but ‘Velayudham’ is so special as I have just got the plot of ‘Azad’ as an inspiration while the screenplay and treatment will be fresh and new’ said Jeyam Raja, who was present along with his wife and cute daughter at Hotel Green Park addressing media channels about his ‘Velayudham’.

‘We have done our best and producer Aascar Ravichandran has been so pleasing as he was ready to spend more money into the project. I am awestruck with ‘Ezham Arivu’ that has more budget than ‘Velayudham’ and ‘Ra.One’ three times bigger than these Tamil films. But I am very confident with Velayudham as it will surely cater to the tastes of universal family audiences. It has right mix of comedy, action, glamour, romance, emotions and sentiments. I am not bothered if even 10 films like Ezham Arivu and Ra One are released together. When I started shooting for ‘Velayudham’, we had no intentions of keeping these films in mind, but worked hard on the script and audiences will surely enjoy the film to the core’ added Jeyam Raja.

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